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0 Join Splitted files using HJ-Split

HJ-Splitter and Joiner(Join Splitted Files)

If any one have his/her own blog then he/she surely have to share some files  and those files may be larger in size which gonna be very difficult to handle or may occur server restrictions e.g uploading server have a restriction to upload file less than 500MB/1GB in one time, so he/she may use any software to split the file into several different parts.
HJ split is a software that may be used to split or join files which is provided by Free Bytes

Basic Features:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. User Friendly Environment/Interface.
  3. Windows XP, Vista, & supported along with Linux.
  4. Supports files more than 100 GBs, MD5 Check sum and file comparison.
  5. Portable.

I personally like this software because it does not need to be installed on your drive. It is a portable software. If you use this software to split file into files so you have see that it automatically numbered your splitted files and write it after file format.

For Example:File name before and after splitting:
  • Before Splitting
- HJ-Split.rar
  • After Splitting
- HJ-Split.rar.001
- HJ-Split.rar.002
- HJ-Split.rar.003
- HJ-Split.rar.004

For More Instance Watch This Video:

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